An IT company in the Rodopi montains invites a belgian guest speaker to inspire its people and at the same time the city of Kardzhieli.

25 augustus 2015   •   no comments   
Sunday, August 23th, Kardzhieli, Bulgaria.
A beautiful sunny weather embraces the Rodopi Montains.

Lots of people in Kardzhieli left the city to go to Belgium and earn money for their families who live in the montains.

But this time,  Kardzhieli invited a Belgian speaker to come to them.

The managers of Netronix Kardzhieli indeed decided to held a training with Marc de Turck and Nevena Topalova – a lady from the Rodopi Montains- on self motivation and communication for their staff.

The training was held on a Sunday, showing the motivation of the Kardzheili company to make it go right. We wish NETRONIX and all the people of Karzdhieli success.

More info on our trainings:

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