Bulgaria has a Hubbard College of Administration.

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Sofia, Bulgaria, November 28th 2014.

In answer to the economic difficulties Bulgaria faces and to the “brain-drain” of young people to the West, Marc de Turck and his staff, decided to open a Hubbard College of Administration in Sofia, Bulgaria.

“The Hubbard College will
at first start as a Press Office, publishing the Hubbard Management System
related books and selling them to friends and prospects as well as send young people to
the HCA International.  Later on when it finds the correct fans and staff, it will expand to a college
and deliver the same official graduation as does the HCA International with its Management Program.” “The Hubbard College is the solution for
the economical problems Bulgaria faces.

The ribbon was cut in the premises of the Hubbard Press Office in Lozenets Bulgaria, by Mr Georgy Naydenov, Journalist, writer and President of the School for Administration and Diplomacy.

After an introduction by Marc J. de Turck, president of the Hubbard College of Administration Bulgaria, who stressed the importance of correct education to create a new impulse in the Bulgarian economy. Mr Imre Toth, President WISE Central Europe proudly announced the publication of  3 of the 25 workshops which can be studied at home or in a course room. The other 22 are in the pipe-line to be translated for the end of 2014.

Mr Imre Toth also stressed the important of following the MAKH book and to become a WISE member.

Mr Georgi Naydenov held a moving speech on the importance and freedom of knowledge for Mankind.

The same evening Mr Kalojan Velinov decided to translate the 2 books of the MAKH and to become a WISE member.
Bulgaria counts now 4 WISE members.

And Mr Kalojan Vilenov will be our first student.

More news on the HCA will follow.

Marc J. de Turck

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