Kirov Entrepreneurs enthusiastic about the Blue Ocean Seminar

29 mei 2016   •   no comments   

May 28th, Kirov Russia.

The local delovoy club with founders Sergei and Andrei, together with the IDEAS FreeBoss rep Anatoli Tkatchenko, organized a 2 days conference on business success in Kirov, Russia.

Marc de Turck was guest speaker on the second day.

Marc helped the more than 60 entrepenreurs in finding a new Blue Ocean, using different methods to think out of the box and to really find a Blue Ocean.


More than 70 % of the 60 entrepreneurs who attended the seminar found a new feasible idea for their business…. A Big success,






At the same time 12 entrepreneurs subscribed for the strategic coaching session of 3 days to make their ideas a reality.  This session will be delivered by the Delovoy-club Hubbard Consultants.

More info on the Blue Ocean seminar





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