Pazardzhik officials and managers stop the negopinionitis

27 november 2018   •   no comments   

Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, November 27th 2018.
Negative opinions are, since the beginning of the financial crisis, common ground in Pazardzhik, a beautiful town between Plovdiv and Sofia.

The mayor of Pazardzhik is well aware of this demotivation and wanted to do something about it.

That is why, after having heard about him, he invited Marc de Turck to deliver a lecture in the city hall of Pazardzhik on negopinionitis ( a coined word for a negative opinion it is) and emotions.






Marc explained the importance of being there and of looking at facts instead of listening to opinions. He also elaborated the tone scale of L.Ron Hubbard in order to bring people up in positive emotions and not to be an effect of the surrounding negative emotions. A must for all Bulgarian business people today.


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