New CEO of Vinprom Peshtera means business with the training on Secrets of a successful team

30 mei 2015   •   no comments   
Sunny Beach Bulgaria, Saturday May 29th 2015, Royal Beach Hotel Barcelo….  Marc de Turck is guestspeaker at a team training organised by the management team of Vinprom Peshtera.

We counted more than 100 managers attending the seminar, from all the plants in Bulgaria.

The CEO opened the seminar with a video on how a team of orcas in a synchronised way attacks a seal.  Beautiful example of how a synchronised team achieves much more than each individual alone.

Marc de Turck delivered a unique seminar on the need of games, hats and corect communication in order to be synchronised.

He continued in the afternoon with the importance of using the correct emotions to move  people and ended with admiration to make it all go right.

More than 90% of the attendees answered with superlatives on their evaluation.

Please find pictures here under.
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